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2023 European Researchers’ Night: The future of AI-Human relationship. A dialogue with the Unite! Alliance researchers

Relationships with Chatbots and Social Robots

29 September 2023

University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering

About event

This event will target High School pupils (15-18 years) and future students in seven European cities and regions: Lisbon (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain), Grenoble (France), Turin (Italy), Darmstadt (Germany), Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland). The objectives of the online event will be: 1. To briefly present the European University “Unite!” and its offer for prospective students (presented by the Secretary General of Unite!) 2. To show that the researcher’s job is interesting, exciting, amazing and provides an opportunity to work with colleagues from all around the world 3. To explain some elements of the research field on the relationship between AI and humans


Some users experience social robots and chatbots as companions whose interactivity, autonomy, and learning capabilities imply a social presence. Our focus will be on the role of conversation, asking how talking to and with chatbots and social robots affects users. We’ll discuss how natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) enable realistic social interactions between humans and these AIS (artificial intelligence systems). Students will be asked to consider example of real chatbots, like Replika, and social robots, like Ai-Da.