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Contrat post-doctoral « Public and private freedoms, powers, control, trust: the deployment of Artificial Intelligence, challenges and perspectives for ethics and political theory » (2019-2020)

Présentation de la proposition de contrat :

This post-doctoral contract proposal invites candidates to undertake research that will review ongoing technological and methodological developments in close contact with the computer science community involved in MIAI (dual competence in computer science / philosophy or political theory is welcome). The purpose of this research will be to problematize the ethical and political issues involved in the possible transformation of private and public freedoms, and possibly to redefine them. It will also aim to philosophically thematize new forms of power and to assess the risks of control of individuals and populations, particularly in the economic dimension of the market via the “attention economy”[Citton 2014] or in terms of “algorithmic governance”[Rouvroy & Berns 2013]. It will examine the possibility of the emergence of a new form of totalitarianism under the effect of the “weapons of mathematical destruction” that algorithms can apparently represent [O’Neil 2018], and then it will be a question of inventing philosophical categories to adequately describe this new form. All the research fields envisaged, intended to be observed, described, analysed and/or modelled are welcome among the contemporary technological and social emergences: facial recognition, smart cities, blockchain, military and civil drones, Internet of Things (IOT), etc.

Required languages: English or French

TYPE of CONTRACT: temporary, 12 months

JOB STATUS : Full time


CONTRACT STARTING DATE: 01/10/2019 (Project duration : from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020)

The position is attached to the MIAI “ethics & IA” chair. The scientific attachment is at the Institut de Philosophie de Grenoble (IPhiG), a research unit of the UGA. The position is placed under the scientific responsibility of Prof. Thierry Ménissier, head of the “ethics & IA” chair.

Bénéficiaire du contrat post-doctoral au terme du recrutement (09/2019) : Dr. Tyler Reigeluth (ULB).

Intitulé du projet personnel soumis pour le recrutement : Quelles sont les conditions qui permettent de concevoir une culture technique de l’intelligence artificielle ?